Sunday, February 19, 2006

The real "Hailag"

Reema asked what does the term “Hailag” mean.

It’s hard to lay down a firm definition of the term “Hailag” nowadays, since people disagree on how to use it and who to describe with. Nevertheless, we can track it back in history.

According to Yousif bin Essa’s book “Safahat min Tareekh Al-Kuwait”* (Pages from Kuwait’s History).

Al-Hailag were (pages 64 & 65):

*: A 90 pages mini-sized book that documents Kuwait’s timeline since early 1700s until the decease of Sheikh Mubarak Al-Sabah 1915.


don_veto said...

Sheikh Yousif, defined the old Hailag. The new hailag are people that are inconsiderate and behave as if they where all alone and disturb everyone around them and have no shame.

Adorra said...

I <3 Baba Yousef.