Thursday, February 23, 2006

Flesh, blood, rocks, stones, bricks & gold

19th & 20th Centuries: Wahhabis levelled shrines, tombs & houses of “pious” muslim figures in Mecca, Medina & Karbala, and attacked peaceful inhabitants of Mecca & Taif.
20th Centruy: Zionist gangs vandalized mosques in Palestine.
20th & 21st Centuries: Nazis vandalized synagogues & mosques in Europe.
21st Century: Taliban bombed ancient Buddha statues in Afghanistan.
21st Century: “Zarqawi & Co” attacked pilgrims of Karbala.

and yesterday, unidentified “malevolents” bombed the Shrine of Imam Ali Al-Hadi & Al-Hasan Al-Askari in Samarra, Iraq.

All the mentioned above had something in common… HATRED.

Words that describe my fury & frustration regarding the bombing of the two Imams Shrine in Samarra, fails to exist.
But I can ‘fume’ about it.

When will humans learn toleration, peace & co-existence?
How many scared places wait to be vandalized?
Is there a ‘benefit’ from all this hatred?


When will humanity collectively value secularism?

Attachment: Aerial view of Samarra, Iraq. (Link)


Temetwir said...

i do share the same sentiments abt the bombings .. shay yekadir el sara7a laken, as 'horrible' as it may sound, amr motawaga3 w lelasaf ma astagrebah (bas 6ab3an ankerra ashad estenkaar)

that said, if we got into why society should actually disregard secularism, mara7 enkhalis ana weyak heh

Shurouq said...

Religion-based hatred.

What's going on in Iraq is heartwrenching.. and what gets to me is how people in this region still need a fatwa to tell them that burning down mosques is haram.
And the answer to your last question would be: not anytime soon.

iDip said...

I agree with you, it was so bad being predicted.

and you're right, ma ra7 enkhalis :)

everyones repeats:
الحلال بين والحرام بين

but when it comes to mosques, they need a fatwa... so sad.

regarding the last question,
"better late than never" (wishful thinking)